Business Law in Los Angeles


Business Formation is a necessary early step when starting a business. Whether you choose to become a sole proprietor, corporation, LLC, NonProfit or Partnership, taking the necessary steps could prevent legal liability for you and your business, while increasing profits in the long run. 

Contract Drafting and Review in Los Angeles


These are activities the business and employees engage in on a daily basis for the purposes of generating a profit and increasing the value of the business. Having legal counsel at your fingertips would allow the business owners to focus on their jobs by making informed decisions. 

Contract Drafting in Los Angeles. Contract Law.


Once your business is set up, you will need to hire employees, negotiate finances, and close business deals. Let us draft or review the contracts needed to run your business smoothly.

Business Law in Los Angeles.


To ensure any deal you make is fair, lucrative and beneficial you need to negotiate the proper terms. Without this crucial step, you lose the leverage and potential to maximize your business, revenue or future outcome. We negotiate with the other side to ensure our clients have the best deal in place. 

Contract Drafting and Review


Often times, getting hired at a new job could be exciting. All you can think about is the money you are about to make and ignore the writing your employers as you to sign. BEFORE SIGNING, contact our office to ensure you are getting the most out of your employment agreement and that you are not binding yourself to any excessive and downright unconscionable terms. We review employment agreements from various industries and with our client's goals in mind. 

Personal Injury and Business Law

Independent Contractor Consultation

In January 2020, a new law went into effect (AB-5). This law pertains to Independent Contractors. Let us help you navigate this complicated law and ensure you are in compliance.