Client/Attorney Testimonials

Recommending my Estate Attorney!

Daniel is doing my estate planning and I am very pleased with his competence, thoroughness and especially his patience with me throughout t his process.

-Posted by Mike L. 

Employment Contract Review

Daniel was very helpful in reviewing my employment contract. As a nurse practitioner, my background in law is minimal. Therefore, having someone with a strong foundation and experience in contracts helped relieve a lot of pressure. He reviewed my medical employment agreement and his attention to detail made me feel comfortable that the terms I was agreeing to were in my best interest. I would highly recommend his services.

-Posted by Vanessa A. 

Contract Work

My business partner and I needed someone to write us a software development agreement for my company. I gave Daniel Reutskiy a chance. Let me tell you, what he did was remarkable, it was a well written contract and had all the points I needed and beyond. I will definitely use him for future work. I recommend him to everyone. He's very professional and a easy person to communicate with.

-Posted by Roman O.

Business Law

Daniel did a great job helping us to draft an international contract. It is hard to underestimate the importance of the solid agreement that would effectively protect our business in a wide range of situations. We also appreciate that Daniel spent several hours in our office asking questions to understand our issues in detail. It took us a couple of weeks to get a solid and detailed document that covers all the aspects of our business

-Posted by Alexey R.

Start Up Work

Daniel Reutskiy is an exceptional attorney. He is professional, knowledgeable, and a quick responder. Daniel truly cares for his clients, and always had my best interests first. He is also efficient and thorough!

-Posted by Alexander G. 

Very Helpful!

I did not hire Mr. Reutskiy but when I contacted him at 10:30PM on a weekday and asked for his professional advice he was more than happy to assist me and provide me with as much information on my case as possible. Not only that but he was also prepared to provide me with a referral to a lawyer who specializes in my case (insurance/car accidents) and even contacted this lawyer to make sure that he was available to assist me IF I needed. Mr. Reutskiy proved himself extremely helpful in a very stressful situation as I personally have never dealt with a lawsuit. He was calm and collected and provided me with options as to how to approach my situation all on the drop of a dime as I had contacted him at non business hours. I was very satisfied and much more calm about my situation after speaking to Mr. Reutskiy as he provided me with peace of mind on my case.

-Posted by Sasha. 

Attorney Endorsed

Daniel is a very detail oriented attorney who does amazing work for his clients. I would highly recommend him.

-Posted by Iman.

Attorney Endorsed

Clients NEED to feel comfort with their attorney. It's not just "knowing the law." And Daniel has exactly the demeanor that puts others at ease--they know that Daniel has their problem in hand.

-Posted by Andrew N.

Diligent & Compassionite

I highly recommend Mr. Reutskiy, Esq. for your business law and estate planning needs. He works diligently with compassion to meet his clients' goals.

-Posted by Lawrence

Attorney Endorsed

Daniel and I have been friends for a long time. I highly recommend his services. He's extremely passionate about his craft. I endorse this lawyer!

-Posted by Branigan R.

Attorney Endorsed

Daniel is a trustworthy attorney who does great work for his clients.

-Posted by Paul

Free Consultation!!

I just had a very long free consult with him today Saturday and he is a rare, amazing, competent caring one. Highly recommended. He will be a superstar in Southern California with his work ethic and care of others.

-Posted by Randi

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